McKees Legal Solutions offers services that resolve Environmental and Planning Law issues in NSW. Through these services we bring an understanding to clients and help them to see the value in exploring opportunities, dealing with issues in a swift, purposeful and realistic manner while striving to achieve our client’s goals.

The main areas we work in:-

  • Land and Environment Court – We have over 25 years’ experience and have been involved in over 1,000 cases in all jurisdictions of the Land and Environment Court.
  • s34 Conciliation Conferences – This is where McKees excels in representing our clients. We believe that our record demonstrates that we determine the best strategy, work with the team and create an atmosphere in the s34 Conference to get an outcome for our clients, which minimises the risk and saves significant costs.
  • Council Issues – Encompassing any type of development, whether it’s the beginning of your project or the appealing of a Council determination, we can help you navigate the legal planning processes and procedures involved.
  • Accelerated Development Approvals – Through examining your land’s development potential, we can evaluate and take steps to fast track the development approval process.
  • Council Orders and Enforcement Proceedings – We review, respond and represent you in a range of Council enforcement actions. These include Council Orders, show cause letters, Local Court summons and Class 5 Proceedings before the Land and Environment Court. We seek to avoid, minimise and manage such proceedings and protect your interests before either Orders or legal proceedings are issued by Council.
  • Facilitating public participation and managing objectors – Having acted for Councils and developers, we have developed particular skills in promoting public participation through listening and managing objectors’ expectations. To achieve a s34 Agreement, this is often a key element in obtaining approval.

McKees assists in the resolution of differences between property owners, developers and Council. In these situations, McKees is a third party who can help determine whether the actions of Council are reasonable and then deal effectively and efficiently with the issue.

Whether you are preparing a complex development or application seeking a development approval, a modification to an existing consent (s4.55), a dispute over the interpretation of a condition of consent, a tree dispute or finding yourself in breach of environmental planning laws, McKees have the experience to provide all the services and expertise needed to see your issue resolved.

 How We Can Help

McKees Legal Solutions has a well-established reputation in acting for a wide range of clients in many aspects of Environmental and Local Planning Law in NSW. Having acted in this area for 25 years now, McKees are adept at understanding issues that arise from this changing area of law. We invite you to review our video testimonials at

As a firm we strive to:-

  • See beyond subjective issues to find common ground and satisfactory solutions;
  • Value and facilitate direct, open and clear communication;
  • Unravel complex issues of Environmental and Planning Law; and
  • Resolve difficult environmental, ecological and engineering problems through creative and responsive discussions.

We will always uphold our core values to communicate well, facilitate effectively, negotiate strongly and advocate wholeheartedly.

We approach all such issues with the understanding that:-

  • Resolution of a property dispute is generally not about the property, it is about the relationships around the property;
  • Building relationships is key, communication and connection; and
  • Listening is the foundation of all we do. Active listening and proactive problem-solving techniques encourage communication.

The benefit of McKees having worked for Councils and developers, is the ability to give balanced, realistic and practical advice on your prospects of success. McKees brings our knowledge and experience to bear on the particular issues and community interests involved to see a satisfactory outcome achieved.