We are a specialist planning, development and environmental law firm who for 25 years’ have been advising Councils, developers and all others who have ‘issues’ with their local Council. We enjoy the breadth and depth of our relationships with Councils, consultants and our clients. Our stable and experienced Planning and Development Lawyers Sydney team deliver the right advice at the right time, and at the right price.

We advise on all areas that relate or touch on property and specialise as solicitor advocate in the Land and Environment Court. We know and understand how to apply and interpret the laws relating to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, The Heritage Act and Threatened Species Conservation Act. Every day we advise on planning laws including State Environmental Planning Policies, promoting seniors living, affordable rental housing and how to relate to Council’s Local Environmental Plans.

It’s our knowledge and experience dealing with thousands of cases and advising clients in all manner of circumstances that gives us confidence that we can assist you to obtain the best outcome and advise on your ‘real’ prospects of success.

We specialise in providing strategic planning advice and carrying out feasibilities before the property is purchased or a Development Application is lodged with Council. We enjoy engaging with local Councils early to assist our clients in both the pre-lodgement process and resolving outstanding issues raised by Council. We have particular expertise in advising you on the opportunity to maximise development potential set out in the Seniors Living, The Codes and Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policies. We regularly advise accredited certifiers and our knowledge and ability to assist you extends from pre purchase advice to obtaining occupation and subdivision certificates.

McKees has developed a particular personality, which is ‘the way we do things together’. Our point of difference is that we contribute energy, ideas, always intentionally and thoughtfully progressing your matter towards an approval or resolution. We value above all else strong ongoing relationships with all so together we can deliver benefits to everyone we work with.